PredictiveOps Features

One-Click Access to Decision Makers

Linkedin integration allows you to quickly see decision maker profiles and who in your network can make an intro.

Fund Manager Profiles

PredictiveOps provides real-time, one-click access to 1,800 operational data points for 37,000 private fund managers, including contact info, decision makers, funds, vendors, service providers, control persons, and regulatory actions.

Real-Time Form ADV Tracking

PredictiveOps comes with DisclosureTrack, which emails you within minutes of detecting a new filing for any fund manager you choose to follow.

DisclosureTrack Change Views

DisclosureTrack reads every new Form ADV filing and summarizes changes to Part 1A, Schedules A, B, D, DRPs and PF, and Part II brochures on a single page you can review better* in under a minute.

*97% of PredictiveOps users found critical risk items they missed with manual review.

One-Click Exports

Export searches, leads, decision makers, contact information and changes in CSV or Excel format.


Integrate clean, ADV reference data and changes into your existing applications and databases with a few lines of code.

More PredictiveOps Features

No Onboarding Required

Start in less than 30 seconds.

Zero Setup

Add Current Advisers
Add New Advisers
Enable Email Alerts

Access Anywhere

No Software to Install
Works on Phones and Tablets

Set It & Forget It

Background Update Monitoring
Emailed Change Summaries
No Login Required

Secure & Compliant

Data encryption and audit logging included.

Clean, Scrubbed Data

Directly from Regulators
Structured by Item
Error & Change Tracking

Bank-Level Security

256-Bit Encryption
Single-User Account
Secure Exports

Audit Logging

Activity Logs
Change Reports
Red Flags